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Project : SK Hynix newsroom website (HubSpot CMS Framework)
Website URL :
Client : SK HYNIX INC.

[HelloDigital’s Digital Collaboration]
– HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, CMS Hub
– Digital Strategy, UX Plan, CMS Dev(HubL)

Creating a standard for the digital newsroom

- SK Hynix newsroom website development

In October 2021, HelloDigital built the ‘SK Hynix Newsroom’ website which is Korean only Digital Transformation for Newsroom

‘SK Hynix Newsroom’ was built based on ‘HubSpot’s CMS Hub’, the global No1 marketing automation platform. We started a newsroom renewal project to overcome the difficulties in judging the objective impact of content, limitations on forming lasting relationships with subscribers, and content archiving efficiency and navigation.
HelloDigital Digital Strategy Team reflected a more advanced digital strategy to meet the role of a digital channel that has been essential for newsrooms these days, as well as the role of a newsroom that has changed since the post-pandemic.


1. Strategy

 A) Standards for a sustainable newsroom
  • Organic traffic improvement : Increasing online branded contents, decreasing paid media dependence
  • Accelerate contents experience by digital : Expanding brand communication coverage through optimization of diversified content consumption environment
  • Improve relationship with subscriber & cusomize experience : CRM(Customer relationship management) and Customer Journey-based infrastructure design to meet the diversification needs of potential customers
  • Data continuity and performance analysis : Reflecting essential elements for sustaining digital innovation in press and journal platforms, predicting channel performance, and securing integrated insights based on achievement rates
 B) Digital Transformation of Newsrooms Inevitable After the Post Pandemic
  • Audience understanding and insight : Market uncertainty has driven leads more important than ever. In addition, leads are the driving force behind digital transformation.
  • Objective insight into contents : Meaningful and high-impact content strategies are created through reports inside the newsroom, not external research and insights.
  • Improving content management efficiency : To diversify the newsroom, provide an environment and process for content managers to focus on journalism, and even provide a collaboration cloud
  • Securing flexibility through organizational diversification : It is a time when a flexible response is needed through process management, empowerment and delegation so that newsroom-related personnel can focus on higher performance.

2. Innovation(Major renewal items)

 A) Change static type of contents classification to active type
  • By applying multiple classification criteria to a single article, brands can freely curate content for readers
  • Readers can easily search for content without restrictions within large scale classification, and flexible classification of content is also possible when trying to find objective information.
 B) Newsroom Channel Growth Pipeline Improvement
    1. Establishing Contents Strategy (SEO&Contents Strategy)
      – Provide Topic Keywords impact analysis function
      – Choose Sub-Topic Keywords & Connect contents
    2. Content discovery and voluntary inflow(SEO)
      – Securing digital insight of interface and objective content considering the improvement of organic traffic
      – Improved search engine exposure reliability through automated content SEO optimization diagnosis
    3. Explore more content and prevent churn
      – Content discovery between content groups & securing Mobility
      – GNB searchability & Improving intuitive content awareness
      – Drive discovery of additional content
    4. Guide revisitation(Retention)
      – Provide subscription contents, prepare promotion operation basis
      – Centralize data for potential subscribers
    5. Reinforcing positive experiences(Personalized Experience)
      – Personalized content curation service
      – Providing customized services according to audience classification and accepting feedback
    6. Strengthening relationships and fostering them as promoters(Delight, Promoter)
 C) Nurturing potential subscribers(Relationship & Engagement)
    1. Create individual subscription types based on subscription Personas
      regular subscribers : Regularly sending newsletters by automatically categorizing content of interest to job-seekers, the general public, and in-house employees
      journalist, investor : Distribution of SK hynix’s official press release and content delivery via e-mail at the same time
구독 Personas에 기반한 개별 구독 유형 마련

    2. Potential Subscriber DB Collection and Classification Process

잠재 구독자 DB 수집 및 분류 프로세스
 D) Provide personalized service (Personalized Experience)
  • Providing personalized content according to subscriber content interest scoring :
    Provides personalized content experience by continuously observing newsroom interest content and consumption patterns based on information-identified subscribers to score and automatically classify Personas
E) Improve content management efficiency
  1. Insights based on data and improvement of work efficiency
    – Automatic analysis of channel inflow data and content influence, insights for keyword strategy establishment, integrated campaign link data, and subscriber creation and behavior data
    – Journalism content distribution performance and distribution process automation, multi-channel simultaneous publication, departmental authorization
데이터에 기반한 인사이트 및 업무효율 향상

    2. Apply cloud-based digital archiving storage and file management systems that can be shared, collaborated, and tracked.

클라우드 기반의 디지털 아카이빙 저장
 F) Smart and Powerful search
  • Smart Quick Search for quick contents browsing
  • Easy search results based on contents subject and type

3. Design

 A) Temperance designed to optimize content consumption
콘텐츠 소비 최적화를 위해 계획된 절제1
콘텐츠 소비 최적화를 위해 계획된 절제2
 B) Consider the visual coherence and functionality of brand journalism
브랜드 저널리즘의 시각적 일관성과 기능성을 고려
 C) Optimal acceptance of device diversity
최적의 디바이스 다양성 수용
D) Provide personalized service
  • Implementation of Smart Contents Module that provides personalized service by subscriber Personas group
개인화 서비스 제공